From now on try our new unique Reaffirming Facial Massage!

Reaffirming Facial Massage based on a method developed by Professor Enrique Castells Garcia, the founder and director of The Institute of Manual Therapy INMASTER ( Barcelona, Spain).

His technique, known as Chiromassage, is recognized as one the best by a number of leading training centres around the world . This specific technique incorporates the best elements of classic and oriental massage systems.

Here are some therapeutic effects of Reaffirming Facial Massage:

  • strengthening skin and muscles
  • getting rid of “crow’s feet” and dark circles
  • smoothing skin texture, increasing its elasticity
  • reducing nasolabial folds (laugh lines) depth, improving facial contour, tightening and firming loose skin on the neck and décolletéage
  • achieving full relaxation. This helps to reduce stress which can be a reason for premature aging